Dishcast w/Andrew Sullivan: Christopher Rufo On CRT In Schools – The famed crusader dives deep into the issue with me. I found it hard to disagree with him.

Rufo is a key architect of the anti-CRT legislation being passed in state legislatures around the country. He is also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and his Twitter account is tirelessly flagging examples of CRT in the public school system, corporate America, and elsewhere. I’ve no doubt that some of this convo is going to stir up a fuss — but the truth is I’ve become more conflicted about this legislation as time has gone by. I once thought it was a terrible idea. I’m now not so sure, given the scale of the attempt to indoctrinate children in neo-Marxist understandings of race throughout public education.

Source: Christopher Rufo On CRT In Schools – The Weekly Dish

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