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City Journal: The Genealogy of Woke Capital

The institutionalization of diversity also explains why worker and activist demands have grown more extreme, from the awkward multiculturalism of the 1990s office to the outright struggle sessions of today. Compliance had limits: though firms competed to prove their level of compliance, a fundamental relationship existed between what regulators said and what companies did. The transition from compliance to diversity marks the moment at which race-conscious corporate policy became unmoored from rational purpose and mutated into a myth. Unlike compliance, diversity is unlimited—unbounded by a rational goal and pursued for its own sake. Organizations have no capacity to reject new diversity initiatives; more diversity is always better. In fact, because diversity is institutionalized, questioning its efficacy at achieving its stated goals gets you nowhere (except fired). Radical ideas leak from the academy into the corporate world as diversity easily absorbs ever more elaborate definitions of race-conscious policy.

Source: The Genealogy of Woke Capital | City Journal

The American Mind Episode 125: Reparation Nation?

The Biden Administration seems determined to make good on its promise to put “equity” at the center of all it does, prompting the editors to wonder how much daylight there is between equality of outcomes, race-based reparations, and a total restructuring of American society. But will voters—and in particular those minorities not singled out for favored status—go for it? Meanwhile: a new Supreme Court decision on religious liberty, and disturbing revelations about the Uvalde shooting.

Source: The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #125 – The American Mind