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The Subversive Podcast w/Alex Kaschuta: Ben Sixsmith – Navigating The Digital Decades

I speak with Ben about life as an expat in Eastern Europe as storm clouds are gathering, the Zeitgeist of the last few decades under the shadow of all-encompassing technology, the new landscape of conservative magazines, identity as a product, navigating Twitter beefs, and his book “Noughties: Eleven Echoes of a Dismal Decade.” Ben Sixsmith is a writer from the UK who currently lives in Poland, he’s written for The Spectator, UnHerd, Quillette, The Critic, and American Conservative among many other outlets, and is the owner-operator of The Zone Substack.

Source: Ben Sixsmith – Navigating The Digital Decades

Alex Kaschuta: Court Jesters – Secular stand-up is domesticated opposition to the regime

“And so a legitimate question popped up in the show’s criticism from trans rights activists: If Gervais supports trans rights, which ones does he support? The “trans rights supporter” can’t exist without total surrender to the creed. “Trans” is a category that relies on the concession and support of the outside world for validation. Which parts of this game does Gervais think he can opt out of? “Trans” is an appeal to join the faith, and outside of the faith, there are only infidels. “Don’t tread on me” is a useless norm in front of a new virulent religious paradigm, one of whose central tenets is that gendered souls are trapped in and tormented by ill-fitting bodies. If you don’t buy that story and don’t wish to validate it in others, there’s no way around your transphobia.”

Source: Court Jesters – The American Mind