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Sometimes its best that an opponent hears your view from coming from someone who they believe is on their own side. This is how “Overton” windows may be moved.

Farewell, Boston. May we meet again, soon!


With the introduction of Mayor Wu’s vaccine mandates, we will no longer be patronizing any establishment in Boston requiring proof of vaccination to enter. We will #BoycottBoston. For those of you starting to grumble, I am “fully-vaccinated”. However, I will not avail myself of services that are denied to other residents of the city based solely on their medical decisions. I won’t support a policy that excludes 1/3 of the city’s Black and Hispanic residents—more than 90,000 people. I won’t support a policy founded on willful ignorance and implemented with unabashed arrogance. The data is now overwhelming. In Scotland, in England, in Iceland, in Canada. Double-vaccinated are the MOST likely to be infected. Un-vaccinated are the LEAST likely to be infected.


Source: Farewell, Boston. May we meet again, soon!

Vox Conversations: Is ethical investing a scam?

Vox’s Emily Stewart talks with Tariq Fancy about whether or not “socially responsible investment” is a scam. Fancy is a former executive who led sustainable investing at BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset management firms. The two discuss why these investment vehicles were developed and promoted, the failure of corporations to voluntarily self-regulate, and the need for government action to actually address the issues that ESG funds claim to be taking on.

Source: Is Ethical Investing A Scam? Vox Conversations podcast

The Good Fight Podcast w/Yascha Mounk: John McWhorter on Why Woke Ideas Harm Minority Communities

John McWhorter is an author, a member of the Persuasion Board of Advisors, a Columbia University linguist, and a columnist for The New York Times. His latest book, Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America, argues that we must understand wokeness, quite literally, as a religion. In this week’s conversation, John McWhorter and Yascha Mounk discuss the nature of today’s social progressivism, whether it constitutes a religion, and how we can actually help to reduce racial disparities in the United States.

Source: John McWhorter on Why Woke Ideas Harm Minority Communities