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Sometimes its best that an opponent hears your view from coming from someone who they believe is on their own side. This is how “Overton” windows may be moved.

Michael Tracey: After the Abortion Ruling, How Will the Media Decide Who’s Morally Intolerable?

Where this relates to the overruling of Roe vs. Wade, in a very roundabout way, is that the political fallout will be a test of the viability of the new media ethos. Are those who cheer the Supreme Court’s decision, and/or support the enactment of laws that now entirely prohibit abortion — such as in states like Missouri or Louisiana — going to be treated by WaPo and company as people whose sensibilities must not be too egregiously offended, as was the case in 2010 with the gay marriage opponents? Or are they going to be lumped into the new all-purpose category of frightful right-wing aggressors, hellbent not just on outlawing abortion, but Destroying Our Democracy — and against whom no appeasement can be countenanced? We shall see.

Source: After the Abortion Ruling, How Will the Media Decide Who’s Morally Intolerable?

Ruy Teixeira: How to Fix the Democratic Brand – It Can Be Done, But It Won’t Be Easy

The Democrats have paid a considerable price for their increasingly strong linkage to militant identity politics, which brands the party as focused on, or at least distracted by, issues of little relevance to most voters’ lives. Worse, the focus has led many working-class voters to believe that, unless they subscribe to this emerging worldview and are willing to speak its language, they will be condemned as reactionary, intolerant, and racist by those who purport to represent their interests. To some extent these voters are right: They really are looked down upon by substantial segments of the Democratic party—typically younger, well-educated, and metropolitan—who embrace identity politics and the intersectional approach. This has contributed to the emerging rupture in the Democratic Party’s coalition along lines of education and region.

Source: How to Fix the Democratic Brand – by Ruy Teixeira