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Michael Huemer: Who Cares About Diversity?

All across the Academy, schools are requiring “Diversity Statements” as a condition for new hires. Everyone has to submit a statement explaining how they are going to contribute to “diversity”. What you’re supposed to do in these, and what everyone damn well knows you’re supposed to do, is (i) talk about your race, gender, and other “identity group” traits that it would be illegal for the university to explicitly ask you about, and (ii) talk about your activism on behalf of left-wing identity politics.

Source: Who Cares About Diversity? – by Michael Huemer – Fake Noûs

NPR: Teachers Could Face Penalties For Lessons On Race, Gender, Politics

Across the U.S., educators are being censored for broaching controversial topics. Since January 2021, researcher Jeffrey Sachs says that 35 different states have introduced 137 bills limiting what schools can teach with regard to race, American history, politics, sexual orientation and gender identity. One proposed law in South Carolina, for instance, prohibits teachers from discussing any topic that creates “discomfort, guilt or anguish” on the basis of political belief. We talk about these bills and laws and their implications.

Source: Teachers Could Face Penalties For Lessons On Race, Gender, Politics : Fresh Air : NPR

A New Homeschooling Father tells his Story

Aaron Schroer is a father and entrepreneur in Nashville on his 3rd business venture, ( He has been the sole guardian of his 10 year old son Asher since the boy was 18 months old. Aaron founded Tennessee Home Inspectors in 2014 which is soon to be a million dollar business that employees 7 people. The week before school started for his son last year, the Metro Nashville board of education got together in a secret meeting and reversed their policy in an effort to mask up children for 2021-2022 school year. They went from optional to mandatory. With encouragement from our podcast and community, Aaron decided it would be a good idea to pull his son out of school and sent a withdrawal notice the next day. Aaron joins us today to help push apprehensive parents that want to homeschool off the fence. His experience shows anyone can do it. We further discuss how many of the reasons parents give as to not being able to homeschool are really just excuses. Then conclude with why taking the step of removing your children from the state’s schools, is the next logical one for freedom seeking people.

Source: A New Homeschooling Father tells his Story – Epi-3029

Educating children despite their school

Are schools pushing an agenda rather than educating? Deb Fillman is a writer, speaker, and content producer. She describes her work as focused on information about K-12 education so “parents can make informed decisions for their children”, and “teachers can pursue their calling with integrity and passion.” We talk about the public school system, private schools, homeschooling, critical theory and much more.

The Good Fight w/Yascha Mounk: Robert P. George on Free Speech, Philosophical Liberalism, and Conservatism After Trump

Robert P. George is an American legal scholar and political philosopher. The McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, George is considered one of the foremost conservative intellectuals in America, and advocates a theory of natural law consistent with Catholic belief. With Cornel West, he authored a statement on “Truth Seeking, Democracy, and Freedom of Thought and Expression.” In this week’s conversation, Yascha Mounk and Robert P. George discuss the political philosophy of John Rawls, why democratic republics can’t function without free speech, and what relevance the first principles of conservatism do or don’t retain today.

Source: The Good Fight – Robert P. George on Free Speech, Philosophical Liberalism, and Conservatism After Trump on Stitcher