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Josiah Lippincott – Military Incompetence And Rainbow Wars

I chat to Josiah about his background in the Marine Corps, his effective but scary energy, the disgraceful present situation in the US military, exporting rainbow foreign policy, nation-building, the purpose of generals, women in the military, breastfeeding tents, being a facelord and the highest-ranking dissident in the. armed forces, his increasing power level, the loss in Afghanistan, the Covid military regime, NGOs, and policy without politics. Josiah is a former Marine officer and current student at the Van Andel School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College. He is a 2020 alumnus of the Claremont Institute’s Publius Fellowship.

The Liar’s Club: Looking Back on Princeton

But these progressive ideals are mostly for show—as evidenced by the fact that the actual career paths of typical Princeton graduates are guided by a hunger for status and security, not social justice. No one I know mentioned “Goldman Sachs” or “McKinsey” in their admissions essays. But year after year, they flock to places like these.

What I’m describing is a kind of liar’s club. Hopeful high school students lie about their commitment to social justice in a bid to gain admission, while the universities themselves lie about all the risk-taking, world-changing mavericks they’re looking to nurture. Neither side dares to speak the grubby truth, which is that the undergraduate experience will be a pro forma exercise in leftist indoctrination that precedes a march into the hallowed halls of investment banks and management consultancies.

Source: The Liar’s Club: Looking Back on Princeton

Intelligence Squared Conversation: A New University Offers “Forbidden” Courses

They say that colleges have become too censorious. That our most prestigious institutions have abandoned their mission of fostering critical minds and sparking thoughtful dissent. And that a generation of American students is missing out. So, this group of scholars and activists are founding something new: a university – they say – dedicated primarily to free speech. The University of Austin will get its start with a series of noncredit “Forbidden Courses.” And it has attracted some of the nation’s biggest (and controversial) thinkers, like Bari Weiss, Steven Pinker, and Larry Summers. But just what does this new free speech university mean for higher education? And what purpose might it serve? In this Intelligence Squared conversation, John Donovan sits down with the university’s inaugural president Pano Kanelos and co-founder Niall Ferguson to discuss higher education today, the new university, and the enormous debate surrounding it.

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