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The Lawfare Podcast: #AbolishICE?

#AbolishICE is the hashtag that has proliferated all over Twitter. Anger over the family separation policy of the Trump administration has many people doubting whether the agency that does interior immigration enforcement is up to a humane performance of its task. Paul Rosenzweig, former policy guru at DHS where he supervised immigration matters, and Carrie Cordero, who has

Source: The Lawfare Podcast: #AbolishICE? – Lawfare

The Lawfare Podcast: Fighting Deep Fakes

Technologies that distort representations of reality, like audio, photo, and video editing software, are nothing new, but what happens when these technologies are paired with artificial intelligence to produce hyper-realistic media of things that never happened? This new phenomenon, called “deep fakes,” poses significant problems for lawyers, policymakers, and technologists.

Source: The Lawfare Podcast: Fighting Deep Fakes – Lawfare