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Preble Hall Podcast: Interview with Kit Chellel co-author of “Dead in the Water”

Stephen Phillips interviews Kit Chellel, co-author of “Dead in the Water: A True Stroy of Hijacking, Murder, and a Global Maritime Conspiracy.” They discuss the events leading to the destruction of MV Brilliante Virtuoso, the murder of Captain David Mockett during his investigation, and a myriad of other figures involved in the case.

Free Thoughts Podcast: A Conversation About Guns (with Clark Neily)

Do you want to live in a world where guns are eliminated? In the wake of another rash of high profile mass shootings, Trevor sits down with Clark Neily, senior vice president for legal studies at the Cato Institute to discuss how the second amendment is not categorically distinct from others, the impact the war on drugs has had on gun control enforcement, and why gun deaths and gun homicides are two distinct issues. Why are gun‐​targeting policies ineffective and impractical, and what can we do instead to stop gun violence, while still respecting everyone’s rights?

Source: A Conversation About Guns | Free Thoughts Podcast


Portland resembles an ‘open air drug market’ after legalizing hard drugs: Overdose deaths skyrocket by 41% in the Democrat-led city as homeless addicts collapse on sidewalks

  • Law enforcement agents say that the streets of Portland are full of homeless addicts openly buying and selling drugs
  • Photos show the desperate situation in the Pacific Northwest city, where people can be seen shooting up drugs or passed out in broad daylight
  • The dreadful scene comes 16 months after Ballot Measure 110 went into effect in February 2021
  • Oregon was the first state in the United States to decriminalize possession of personal-use amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycodone 
  • But since the measure was passed overdose deaths in the state hit an all-time high in 2021 with 1069, a 41 percent increase from 2020


The Criminal Order Beneath the ‘Chaos’ of San Francisco’s Tenderloin

Taken together, the dealers, boosters, and fences comprise a vast illicit industry that generates the cash that pays a Mexican drug cartel to import narcotics into San Francisco’s streets. Those drugs kill two people a day directly. The organized robberies and thefts they spawn create thousands more victims, from targets of muggings, burglaries, and home invasions to working class, elderly San Franciscans whose local pharmacies keep shutting down or reducing hours, to retail employees who are laid off as those stores are closed.

Source: The Criminal Order Beneath the ‘Chaos’ of San Francisco’s Tenderloin | RealClearInvestigations