IM-1776: All Under Heaven – Pax Sinica: A glance at TianXia, A New Chinese World Order

“The tianxia worldview is hardly glowing in its description of the human condition. Without a monotheistic faith as a guiding light, the Chinese weltanschauung constantly falls back on science, which means every justification is reduced to ‘bugman’ notions. To give a few examples, existence rather unglamorously seeks to persist (hardly distinguishing it from a virus), growth is adored for the sake of growth (the philosophy of cancer), and ethical behaviour is rational (because bad behaviour becomes a pattern that destroys the rewards of bad behaviour). It’s barely a stone’s throw away from exactly the sort of empty, technical and scholastic utilitarianism of the West the Confucian and Taoist philosophical soundbites are meant to refute.”

Source: All Under Heaven — @im_1776

Outsider Theory Podcast: Plague and Myth with @fitnessfeelingz

@fitnessfeelingz posted a recent Twitter thread arguing that Covid is a modern myth. By this he means not that the pathogen SARS-COV-2 is not real, but that the existence of the pathogen does not account for its manifold social and political impacts. To make sense of these, we turn to René Girard’s understanding of myth as a social technology that binds societies together in response to a common enemy. We consider how Covid-19 has come to perform this function, and why its limited efficacy in this regard only spurs more ritualized responses to it.

Source: Outsider Theory: Plague and Myth with @fitnessfeelingz

Outsider Theory Podcast: Postmodern Medicine with Dr Benway and Pseud Dionysius, MPH

My pseudonymous native informants from the illustrious realms of Science make the provocative case that medicine has become a quintessentially postmodern field. They attribute this development to the rise of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) in the 1990s in Canada, which has occasioned (as its pioneers intended) a Kuhnian paradigm shift in the field. After surveying the spread and impact of the EBM revolution, we explore its after-effects in the Covid era.

Source: Outsider Theory: Postmodern Medicine with Dr Benway and Pseud Dionysius, MPH

CPA Urges House Committee to Reject Pro-China Trade Provisions in Senate China Bill

“The Trade Act of 2021 damages U.S. economic and national security by:

1. Rewarding the CCP and multinational importers sourcing from CCP-controlled businesses by dismantling our Section 301 tariffs against merchandise from China;

2. Stripping authority from the President and hands it to international lawyers;

3. Providing a direct financial windfall to multinational importers of Made-in-China merchandise, sending them checks from the U.S. Treasury; and

4. Weakening across the board a host of critical U.S. trade programs, including Section 301, the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB), and the U.S. government’s current ban on forced labor imports.”

Source: CPA Urges House Committee to Reject Pro-China Trade Provisions in Senate China Bill – Coalition For A Prosperous America

Vox Conversations: Imagine a future with no police

You can’t wish reality away, my dear.

Vox’s Fabiola Cineas talks with author, lawyer, and organizer Derecka Purnell about her recent book Becoming Abolitionists. They discuss Derecka’s journey to defending the idea of police abolition, and what that position really entails. They explore questions about the historical and social role of policing in society, how to imagine a future where we radically rethink our system of criminal justice, and how we can acknowledge and incorporate current data about crime—while still rethinking our inherited assumptions about police.

Source: Imagine A Future With No Police Vox Conversations podcast

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