Michael Tracey: After the Abortion Ruling, How Will the Media Decide Who’s Morally Intolerable?

Where this relates to the overruling of Roe vs. Wade, in a very roundabout way, is that the political fallout will be a test of the viability of the new media ethos. Are those who cheer the Supreme Court’s decision, and/or support the enactment of laws that now entirely prohibit abortion — such as in states like Missouri or Louisiana — going to be treated by WaPo and company as people whose sensibilities must not be too egregiously offended, as was the case in 2010 with the gay marriage opponents? Or are they going to be lumped into the new all-purpose category of frightful right-wing aggressors, hellbent not just on outlawing abortion, but Destroying Our Democracy — and against whom no appeasement can be countenanced? We shall see.

Source: After the Abortion Ruling, How Will the Media Decide Who’s Morally Intolerable?

Midrats Episode 626: Turning the Tables on China with Brent Sadler

While everyone is distracted by the Russo-Ukrainian War, the People’s Republic of China continues to work to solidify her ability to control the South China Sea and to bring more nations in to her orbit. Though not a cold war, it is a struggle for presence, influence, and setting the conditions for advantage should conflict come. The United States and her Navy are not required to be in a passive posture, allowing China to shape the environment without pushback. This episode of Midrats will focus on American options and actions we can take to blunt Chinese influence and to prevent her from setting up the Western Pacific to her advantage relative to the United States and her friends and allies. Our guest for the full hour to discuss this and more will be Brent Sadler, a senior fellow for maritime security and advanced naval technology at The Heritage Foundation.

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