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The fringes, the factions and the disintegrating center of these United States.

The Subversive Podcast w/Alex Kaschuta: Auron MacIntyre – No Such Thing As A Secular Society

I chat to Auron about the IDW model of reality and why it is broken, Christianity and its role in the west, “no friends to the right”, postmodernism and a right-wing critique of positivism, moral relativism vs. facts, NRx in the mainstream, anarchotyranny, class and the culture war and much more. Auron MacIntyre is a youtube and Twitter personality who offers political analysis and cultural critique from a right-wing, reactionary perspective.

The Z Blog: The World State II

This week’s show is a continuation of last week’s show. The point of the effort is to describe the various aspects of the ruling regime. We don’t have a good name for this form of rule and one reason for it is it just sort of happened. Unlike various forms of socialism, there is no one guy at the center of it. It is the combination of historical and economic events over the last two centuries. The great contribution of Karl Marx was having a last name that made for a pithy label.

In last week’s show, I thought the segment on managerialism was the best, but it is also the most studied aspect of the system. We have 80 years of writing on the growth of the administrative state. This week I think the two segments that are most important are Custodialism and Quadripartism. This growing sense by our rulers that they need to take care of us is rising from and encouraging this blending together of the power centers of the American empire.

There is a feudal aspect to this arrangement. People think of feudalism as knights saving damsels in distress. That makes for good story telling, but it was really a fully integrated social control system. The reciprocal relationships between the warrior elites evolved into a set of customs governing all of society. The duties and responsibilities the warrior elite had with one another became a model for society. The life of every person was defined by his duties and responsibilities.

Something similar is happening with the power centers of the empire. They are working out the rules with which they regulate behavior towards one another. At the same time, they are working out rules to govern those within their domain. Instead of a code of chivalry it is terms of service. Like life in feudal Europe, people are either compliant or non-compliant. The compliant get the privileges and protection of the system while the non-compliant are fair game.

Source: The World State II | The Z Blog

The American Mind Podcast Episode 102: The Posthuman Regime

Project Veritas has released documents suggesting that COVID-19 is the product of U.S. taxpayer funds through EcoHealth Alliance. If true, this would confirm what the editors have been thinking out loud on The Roundtable for months. Realizing that now is the time to pivot away from COVID hysteria, the regime now faces the monumental task of talking down the very people it spent three years traumatizing. Plus: President Biden’s voting rights demagoguery is both amusing and horrifying at once—is there a quantum pill to be had?

Source: The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #102 – The American Mind

New Discourses: The True History of Intersectionality

Intersectionality is usually credited to Kim Crenshaw, who coined the term as well as “Critical Race Theory” in 1989. It has an older history, however. Listeners to the New Discourses Podcast will have heard earlier episodes in which James Lindsay articulates how intersectionality arose from the Critical Marxist Theory of Herbert Marcuse in the late 1960s, but there’s another link in the middle of the twenty-five year span between 1964, when Marcuse wrote One-Dimensional Man, and 1989. That link can be found in the Black Feminist organization known as the Combahee River Collective, which published a manifesto-like statement in 1977 that lays out intersectionality 12 years before Crenshaw ever wrote about it. In the Combahee River Collective Statement of 1977, then, we can find the first articulation of what intersectionality is really about and see unambiguously its deep Marxist roots, cementing the claim that it is, in fact, Identity Marxism.

Source: The True History of Intersectionality – New Discourses

Josiah Lippincott – Military Incompetence And Rainbow Wars

I chat to Josiah about his background in the Marine Corps, his effective but scary energy, the disgraceful present situation in the US military, exporting rainbow foreign policy, nation-building, the purpose of generals, women in the military, breastfeeding tents, being a facelord and the highest-ranking dissident in the. armed forces, his increasing power level, the loss in Afghanistan, the Covid military regime, NGOs, and policy without politics. Josiah is a former Marine officer and current student at the Van Andel School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College. He is a 2020 alumnus of the Claremont Institute’s Publius Fellowship.