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The Survival Podcast Episode-2400: Carey Holzman on being Terrorized by the State

Carey Holzman is a Tech Expert who streams live on Youtube with over 230,000 subscribers and 25 million views of his videos. His videos are mostly about computers and some stuff on the music he listens to. With titles such as “How to Build a Computer”, “How to Shut Down Your Computer Faster” and “Music I am Listening to”. So imagine his surprise when, he was recently swatted while he was live streaming and the police terrorized Carey and his family to make sure we were not terrorists. He attempted to explain it to them, but they remained locked and loaded and endangered the community while violating his rights when they forcefully invaded his home with weapons drawn to ‘check on “their safety” while they were already safe waiting outside with other officers who knew who they were. Join us today for a cautionary tale that shows just how fast every right you think you have can be tossed out the window. How your life can be place in jeopardy with a phone call and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Source: Carey Holzman on being Terrorized by the State


MCS 243: How To Be A “Dangerous” Hard Target To Criminals

The average street thug makes victimizing people his “job”…

… and he’s good at it!

Spotting an “easy target”… getting close… ambushing without warning… and using violence as a tool to gain money, power, or whatever other reason he may have to attack – these are skills he’s fine-tuned time and time again.

The only thing that’s going to deter him is if you look like a “hard target” – the kind of person who appears (and “is”) so dangerous that he’ll avoid you at all costs, and move on to an easier mark.

And making you THAT “dangerous” is exactly what this week’s podcast episode is all about as I interview former top-bodyguard, Mike Gillette, on his best tactics.

Source: MCS 243 – How To Be A “Dangerous” Hard Target To Criminals

This Is Hell!: Building Duerte’s surveillance machine: IBM in Davao City, Philippines.

There’s a lot of attention on China – and there should be because they’re on the cutting edge of a lot of overlapping surveillance technologies – but the public should also obviously pay attention to the numerous surveillance technologies created through American counter-terrorism and military operations, which then eventually seep back through the private sector to surveillance operations on the US public. And in some cases, as in the case of this IBM technology, start through development in the US and go abroad. Journalist George Joseph explores the surveillance machine IBM built for Rodrigo Duterte – as the Philippine president builds power and support through a bloody, often extra-judicial drug war aimed at the lower class, IBM supplied an authoritarian government with a surveillance program that expanded the state’s ability to track citizens in real time. George wrote the article Inside the Surveillance Program IBM Built for Rodrigo Duterte for The Intercept.

Source: This Is Hell! | Building Duterte’s surveillance machine: IBM in Davao City, Philippines.