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Each post contains some example or observation that indicates an opening or weakness in the opposition.

The Weeds Podcast (Vox): Think like a scout


Matt is joined by author and podcast host Julia Galef to talk about her new book The Scout Mindset. They talk about the difference between epistemic and social confidence, the role of uncertainty in thinking critically, and — most of all — about fighting with people on the internet.

Source: Megaphone: A Modern Podcasting Platform

The Weed Podcast (Vox): It’s time for class warfare


Matt is joined by Faiz Shakir, a top adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders and the former manager of his 2020 presidential campaign, to talk about adopting a working class lens for crafting progressive policy, cultivating an ethic of solidarity, and about the organization he founded, More Perfect Union, which aims to craft media that centers working people. Faiz also gets Matt to go on the record about how his own feelings on Bernie have evolved, from the 2016 campaign to now.

Source: ‎The Weeds: It’s time for class warfare on Apple Podcasts

Woke Inc.

Woke Inc.

“Today self-described leftists demand open borders and the free flow of transnational capital and labor alongside Koch-funded libertarians, while former liberal Democratic positions like those of Dick Gephardt on trade and Barbara Jordan on immigration are now considered right wing. In the past decade, numerous mega-corporations and Wall Street investment banks, abandoning neutrality in the culture wars, have used boycotts to punish state and local governments whose policies on civil rights and gender identity differ from those of the political left—just as they now proudly festoon their corporate websites with the logo of Black Lives Matter.”

The American Mind Podcast Episode 62: Racialized Tragedy

It’s been a sad week for America. A shooting in Boulder claimed the lives of ten people. And like clockwork, the Left is using it as an opportunity to feast on the Second Amendment. That’s not even the only crisis of the week: the Biden administration is massively fumbling on the border, by conservative and liberal standards. Plus: Kristi Noem fails to read the political room. Twice.

Source: The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #62 – The American Mind

Race and False Hate Crime Narratives – Quillette

Inner-city animus against Asian small business owners is also longstanding, as the 1992 Los Angeles riots and the 1990 Big Apple grocery boycott in New York City recall. The predominantly black character of the attacks on elderly Asians may be euphemistically acknowledged in only one context: disparate impact. Racial justice advocates oppose a law enforcement response to those attacks because, the New York Times explained, going to the police would have a disparate impact on “Black and Latino communities.” Actors Daniel Kim and Daniel Wu had offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who helped find the assailant in the January 31st assault on the 91-year-old man and two other Asians in Oakland. Teen Vogue contributor Kim Tran criticized them both for failing to understand “why it’s problematic to offer 25k for information about a Black man in Oakland.” In response to a polite objection, she added: “this looks a lot like a bounty on a Black person funded by Asian American celebrities.” According to Time magazine, the reward underscored the problem of how to “tackle anti-Asian violence without relying on law enforcement institutions that have historically targeted Black and brown communities.” Neither Time nor Kim Tran explicitly said that anti-Asian violence is predominantly black—we are left to uncover that fact for ourselves.

Source: Race and False Hate Crime Narratives – Quillette