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The Survival Podcast Episode-2430- The Death of Personal Responsibility

The left attacks the right, the right attacks the left, everyone agrees that government sucks and is corrupt but they want more of their kind.  So here is another quote, this one is my own….

“Here is everything wrong with government, along with my plan to make government bigger and more powerful”

~ Every Politician Ever

So it is clear that the solutions exist outside of the State and its’ systems.  It is also clear that the solutions are not really of interest to the average person.  So what is the answer?  You and your own back yard, side yard, friends, porch, life, bank account, children, etc.  As always we are back to the “real circles of life”.

What are the real circles of life?  There are three, they are…

  1. The circle of concern
  2. The circle of influence
  3. The circle of control


I call them your real circles of life because you will spend every waking moment of your life with your mind and hence you inside them.  The first circle is the weakest, these are all the things you are concerned about but have no real control or influence over.  Like the SJWs crying on YouTube or the assclown circus going on in congress right now, etc.  This also includes anything anyone is doing or saying that takes up your attention but you can’t really influence or control.

The second circle is all of the things you are concerned about and can influence but can’t control.  If you are a parent of adult children, this is a perfect example.  I personally feel I have a lot of influence in the life of my son, daughter-in-law and grand kids.  When they want advice I give it, sometimes I see an issue and I give advice unasked.  My son, however; is a grown ass man. It is his family, he makes the call.

Likewise some of my neighbors have started to plant trees due to my example some never will, I have influence but no control.  Via this podcast I influence over 200,000 people and those they influence, but I don’t control a damn thing my listeners do or don’t do.  I can tell you guys, my neighbors or my son that you need a household budget but I can’t make you write it up, nor can I make you follow it.

The third circle is the most powerful circle.  It is all the things you both care about and control.  If you want a garden and you have a yard, you can damn well plant a garden.  The most important thing about this circle is not just that you can control your actions in it, but your thoughts as well.  Don’t like gardens, then thoughts of gardens are not something you need to concern yourself with.  Got it?  The key here is you control what you think, how you learn, how you act, etc.  And you don’t get to do this for any other human on the planet.  Just you!

Some folks you may have more influence with then others.  Such as a spouse, a child or in say a formal student teacher relationship, etc.  In the end though humans are sovereign over themselves, at least they should be.

When we break it down that way, we realize quite logically that we should spend the majority of our lives inside our circle of control and in our actions alone we will naturally expand our circle of influence.  As to our circle of concern it should be like weather radar.  What I mean by that is simple, yea these idiots are doing idiot things, in this case this might impact me.  In response I am looking to my circle of control first and influence second as to how I can mitigate that.

The only purpose your circle of concern should serve is education and entertainment.  As such it is a means by which you can be proactive in your actions within the areas you have control and or influence on.  When a tornado warning happens we move to the safe areas of our home.  When we see one approaching a friend or family member who is not the type that pays attention we give them a heads up.  Yet we never fool ourselves into believing by watching the weather app that we can stop a tornado or control it.

Sadly most people spend the majority of their waking hours where?  In their circles of concern.  That is what leads almost directly to a society totally divorced at this point from personal responsibility.   In short we have become a society where the average person tells their neighbor to put in smoke alarms while smoke billows from their own roof.

Today we discuss how to change that.

Source: The Death of Personal Responsibility


The Survival Podcast Episode 2443: Financial Strategies for the Modern Survivalist

Today we are going back to one of the fundamentals of modern survival living, that is financial management and debt elimination.  Economics and the reality of unfunded liabilities, the national debt along with everyday financial worries is the number one reason people get into the preparedness lifestyle.

Sometimes it is from a practical approach but just as often it is panic and fear based. Today we set aside panic and establish a base of common sense and pragmatic techniques to build, preserve and protect wealth.

Join Me Today To Discuss…

  • The number one wealth killer – poverty consciousness
  • The number two wealth killer – consumer age thinking
  • The number three wealth killer – false optimism and or pessimism
  • Why debt is cancer and must be eradicated
  • Why saving is more important than investing for most people
  • The lessons of alternative energy
    • Start with increasing efficiency (income)
    • Reduce losses (spending)
  • My rules for truly becoming financially resilient
    • Increase your economic IQ – daily for a year at least
    • If you want to believe education is an investment, you should treat it like one
    • Save money, determine what you can save, then do a bit more
    • Reduce expenses in small ways, put at least half of it away
    • Create additional income (business, second job, more hours)
    • Save money (cash on hand, cash in bank, CDs, bonds)
    • Become a land owner on some level
    • Put some money into silver/gold (5% of NW)
    • Put some money into bitcoin/crypto (a little each month or quarter)
    • Become a producer of food, yes, really
    • Plant trees
    • Buy the best you can afford once vs. cheap every few years
    • Become highly skilled at fixing your own problems
    • See opportunity everywhere because it is everywhere
    • Become a great cook
    • Invest in only what you understand and only when it makes sense
    • Get out of the way of telegraphed punches, yes time the market
    • Pay off all debt asap, I know I said it before and I will keep saying it
    • Become adept at using Excel, it never lies
  • Final thoughts – The game is rigged, it is a big club, you are not in it!  But you can still win the game.

Source: Financial Strategies for the Modern Survivalist

The Survival Podcast Episode-2399: Individual Insurrection and Personal Freedom

Americans in particular are very fond of the word freedom. It always has amazed me how people so attracted to the word freedom can get so upset when someone chooses to use said freedom differently then they do. Over half of the people don’t vote, we all know this but tell someone who does vote you are going to around an election and watch them lose their minds about it.

America’s main population has no idea what freedom means any longer. They think it basically means, go to school and conform. Go to college and conform. Get a job and conform. Pick a side of the dichotomy and conform to that. Buy a house with massive debt, get credit cards, obey ever law including unjust ones.

Never speak a single negative word about teacher, cops or soldiers, ever, under any circumstances, they are all heroes, ever single one of them, always. A 401K is your total retirement because SSI will be there, just trust the state. Spend 20% of your life in a car going back and forth to pay for a house you will likely never own. Shut up and pay your taxes, it is the patriotic thing to do, we need roads!

Work until at least 70, then pray you have enough money to live an okay life until you die. Along the way never make the sheep uncomfortable. Don’t say anything offensive. Never mention a single difference between races or sexes and accept that gender is “fluid”. Listen to the TV and believe what it tells you. Never question “settled science” and you better not ever question a doctor’s view on medicine or vaccines. It is totally acceptable to point out the curruption, lies, greed and malice of drug companies, but never question the people that sell you the drugs.

There are literally hundreds of “rules” that are not laws yet society itself enforces them to the point of collective enforced brainwashing. Today we discuss how to pull away from being part of the “self policing monkeys”.

Source: Episode-2399- Individual Insurrection and Personal Freedom

Econtalk: Emily Oster on Cribsheet

Economist and author Emily Oster of Brown University talks about her book Cribsheet with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Oster explores what the data and evidence can tell us about parenting in areas such as breastfeeding, sleep habits, discipline, vaccination, and food allergies. Oster often finds that commonly held views on some of these topics are not well supported by the evidence while on others, the evidence appears decisive. Oster thoughtfully explores the challenges of using empirical work and balances our sometimes ignorance with common sense.

Source: Emily Oster on Cribsheet – Econlib

*This Is Hell! podcast: We must have a demand: Towards a transformative, Black-lead reparations movement w/Glen Ford

Deciding what form, what the price of reparations should be, what reparations should accomplish – that is the duty of Black America to come up with. We must have a demand, and that requires a long debate in the Black community before there can be closure, that is, saying the debt is paid. It is the person who is struck who is the one to cry out and make the demand – and that is us. I don’t think it’s proper to ask any Democratic presidential candidate to offer any kind of reparations scheme to us. That is for the Black community to formulate.

Writer Glen Ford explores the possibilities of reparations, and the limits of the Democratic party’s racial politics – as 2020 presidential hopefuls advance insufficient reparations schemes to court Black voters, only a radical, Black-driven demand to redress the crimes of slavery can be acceptable, and it must come from Black people seeking justice, not politicians seeking votes.

Glen wrote the article Reparations Means Global Social Transformation for Black Agenda Report.