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The Permanence of Segregation – Quillette

“…if one wishes to insist on integration no matter what, then it seems to me that one must be willing to repudiate more than historical injustice and structural inequality; one must also repudiate the value of voluntary association, both for oneself and others, including the right to live where one wishes and to socialize as one prefers.”

Source: The Permanence of Segregation – Quillette

Subversive Podcast w/Alex Kaschuta: The Power and Limits of the Regime featuring Samo Burja

We talk about how great founders are at the core of societal evolution, about bureaucracy, managerialism, the iron law of oligarchy, about building elites and aspirational societies, about both of us being “children of transition” out of communism, about truth and prestige, the future of anonymity and the fertility crisis.

Palladium Podcast 57: The Moral Logic of Industrial Progress

Tivy and Ash Milton discuss the moral logic that drives industrial progress. The industrial revolution has been left halted across its most important domains. The 20th century’s major advances were never fully developed. Returning to the path of industrial progress isn’t just a policy matter. Instead, we need to re-develop the complex ecosystem of mastery, tacit knowledge, and material practice that can bring about our society’s advancement.