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The American Mind Podcast Episode 65: Breaking the States

With control of Congress and the presidency, Democrats have taken the first steps toward making Washington, D.C. the fifty-first state. But there is even more here than meets the eye, and the rationale behind the Left’s push to transform voting is truly sinister. Our editors analyze the situation and underlying arguments.

Source: The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #65 – The American Mind

The Weed Podcast (Vox): It’s time for class warfare


Matt is joined by Faiz Shakir, a top adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders and the former manager of his 2020 presidential campaign, to talk about adopting a working class lens for crafting progressive policy, cultivating an ethic of solidarity, and about the organization he founded, More Perfect Union, which aims to craft media that centers working people. Faiz also gets Matt to go on the record about how his own feelings on Bernie have evolved, from the 2016 campaign to now.

Source: ‎The Weeds: It’s time for class warfare on Apple Podcasts

The Weeds Podcast (Vox) – The optimistic leftist – Matt Yglesias talks with Ruy Teixeira, Center for American Progress

Matt is joined by political scientist and author Ruy Teixeira to talk about how Democratic messaging has gone wrong, and how to get it right.

Resources:”Immigrant Neighborhoods Shifted Red as the Country Chose Blue” by Weiyi Cai and Ford Fessenden, New York Times (Dec. 20, 2020)

“The Five Deadly Sins of the Left” by Ruy Teixeira, American Compass (Oct. 13, 2020)

“‘Hidden Tribes,’ the new report centrists are using to explain away polarization, explained” by Zack Beauchamp, Vox (Oct. 22, 2018)

Ruy Teixeira, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress