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Hi-Phi Nation S3, Episode 5: Demons of Democracy

Preschool kids get their first taste of democratic participation when they vote on their class name, and democratic private schools try to display the value of democracy by making kids vote on everything, even the school budget. Does it work or do kids make terrible decisions?

One diagnosis of our modern-day political problems is that too many stupid people are voting for stupid things. There are two proposed fixes; mandate that everyone vote, so as to diminish the power of ignorant and irrational voters, or find ways to disenfranchise all and only the misinformed people. This week we examine both proposals, examining whether compulsory voting is a solution to the problems of democracy, or whether getting rid of democracy altogether can be wise or just. We look at Sudbury Valley and Brooklyn Free School, democratic schools where the people who are thought too ignorant and irrational to vote are given democratic power. Are there are any lessons to be drawn for our democratic problems from these democratic schools?

This Is Hell! | How Israel’s right and US Democrats silence criticism of Jewish nationalism.

The idea was that the Democratic voters have never cared all that much about Israel, so if we just let Democrats get right-wing on Israel, there are no consequences for it. But what if Democratic voters cared about changing American policy towards Israel in a more progressive direction? That was a thought experiment, and now it is a reality. What you’re seeing now is the fact that a party leadership that has never had to contend with the consequences of these policy stances, is finally getting criticism from it – from within the party, in a meaningful way.

Writer Noah Kulwin examines the work between Israel’s right and the Democratic establishment to silence dissent against Israel’s brutal occuption of Palestinian territory – as the logic of military supremacy spreads across Israeli society with bipartisan political and material support from US politicians, challenges from the left are gaining momentum, and facing resistance from the right in both governments.

Noah wrote the article Leading Liberal Think Tank Teams Up With AIPAC for Jewish Currents.