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Ruy Teixeira: The Democrats’ Hispanic Voter Problem – It’s Not As Bad As You Think—It’s Worse

Clearly, this constituency does not harbor particularly radical views on the nature of American society and its supposed intrinsic racism and white supremacy. They are instead a patriotic, upwardly mobile, working class group with quite practical and down to earth concerns. Democrats will either learn to focus on that or they will continue to lose ground among this vital group of voters.

Source: The Democrats’ Hispanic Voter Problem – The Liberal Patriot

Ruy Teixeira: The Democrats’ Coming Asian Voter Problem – It’s Not Just Hispanics Anymore

Why are these voters slipping away from the Democrats? One problem is that Asians are worried about public safety and leery of a Democratic party that has become associated with “defund the police” and a soft approach to containing crime. Another is that Asians, like Hispanics, are a constituency that does not harbor particularly radical views on the nature of American society and how it must be remade to cleanse it of intrinsic racism and white supremacy, a viewpoint increasingly identified with Democrats. They are far more interested in how they and their families can get ahead in actually-existing American society.

Source: The Asian Vote in 2020 – The Liberal Patriot

The American Mind Podcast Episode 101: Polls Don’t Care About Your Feelings

New year, same old headlines. Legacy media figures, desperate for ratings, haven’t stopped talking about January 6 since it happened. But the polls are damning for the media’s narrative. Democrats, quietly aware of the president’s unpopularity, are flailing about for alternative options. Plus: progressive men are getting vasectomies for an amusing reason.

Source: The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #101 – The American Mind