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City Journal’s 10 Blocks podcast: Solving the Homelessness Crisis

Stephen Eide joins Brian Anderson to discuss the homelessness crisis in New York City, the problems with Mayor de Blasio’s approach, the right way forward for Gotham’s next leader, and how cities across the country can tackle their homelessness problems.

Source: Solving the Homelessness Crisis: 10 Blocks podcast | City Journal

EXCELLENT: The Worthy House: On the Brawndo Tyranny

“You may think this is all too technical. Actually, that is part of the point. When the average citizen cannot hope to understand the labyrinthine ways of government; when opacity is a feature for our overlords, not a bug, serving to ensure they can never be exposed to criticism, much less punishment; when they feel no need to justify themselves except to other elites who return the favors of their class; then the average citizen is far more disenfranchised than if he merely had no vote. Those living under an autocracy that is responsive to the citizens are far better off than today’s non-elite American citizen.”