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Midrats Podcast Episode 608: Time for a Maritime Department?

All you need to do is look at a map to tell that we are a maritime nation. A strong Navy is only part of being a maritime power. As everyone is starting to appreciate as they look at empty shelves, rising prices, and fleets of merchant ships waiting for their turn off overburdened ports – the other side of a maritime power can impact everyone’s quality of life overnight. If most Americans knew the relative weakness – and in areas complete absence – of America in the maritime trade that keeps up employed, fed, and secure, they would probably have a mild panic attack.

Is part of the problem simply that we lack a national focus? Could a solution be to establish a cabinet-level Maritime Department with a mission of integrating applications of national power to ensure maritime security and prosperity? Making a return to visit, our guest for the full hour will be Lieutenant Commander Jimmy Drennan, U.S. Navy, and we’ll use his recent article, “Beyond Defense: America’s Past and Future Interests at Sea” as a starting point for a broad ranging discussion. Jimmy is a surface warfare officer and the soon to be outgoing president of the Center for International Maritime Security – a topic we may discuss as well.

Source: Episode 608: Time for a Maritime Department? 11/14 by Sal and EagleOne | Military