Counterflow w/Buck Johnson Episode 209: Revealing Their Global Plans w/Matthew Ehret

My guest today is author, journalist, and proprietor at the Canadian Patriot, Matthew Ehret. We discuss the current geopolitical events as well as how they relate to the bigger picture on where things are headed. There are a number of powerful groups that work in the shadows yet seem to always have a way of influencing the way things happen throughout the world. The situation in Ukraine right now is a microcosm of the bigger picture. The players involved, the spiritual and ideological battle, the balance of powers, and more. What about Elon Musk? Is he on the side of good, or is he a player in the game? How can libertarianism be of help in this fight? Are there any legitimate politicians out there who are fighting for “good”? We tackle all of this and more in this episode.

Source: Ep. 209: Revealing Their Global Plans, With Matthew Ehret Counterflow With Buck Johnson podcast

Astral Flight Simulation: Amanda Milius – I interview Hollywood royalty

To get the chance to speak with the daughter of the man behind two of my all time favorite movies – Conan The Barbarian and Apocalypse! Now – is literally a dream come true. And it turns out she’s a powerful artist in her own right, and way more personable and down to earth than true Hollywood royalty has any right to be. Her film school thesis, “The Lotus Gun,” is an excellent short film that I would love to see turned into a full length movie some day. Either way, its highly recommended, and available here and on YouTube. Her address to the National Conservatism conference on movies and the state of Hollywood is also phenomenal, available below. We discuss both of these and much more. I hope Amanda is only in the early stages of a very prolific career, she is clearly capable of great things. And please, I want her to come back many times, so show your enthusiasm for her here in the comments and on twitter!

Source: Amanda Milius – Astral Flight Simulation

The American Mind Episode 120: How to be a Conservative Online

This week, a deranged young man killed ten people in Buffalo, New York. While pointing fingers at Tucker Carlson and the Right, the legacy media is actively feeding the public disinformation. Speaking of disinformation, the Dept. of Homeland Security’s Ministry of Truth is being put on the backburner, but it’s unlikely we’ve heard the last of federal censorship. Plus: is Claremont behind… everything?! Spoiler alert: no. But we are having fun.

Source: The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #120 – The American Mind

The Subversive Podcast w/Alex Kaschuta: Covfefe Anon – The Woke Are More Correct Than The Mainstream

Covfefe Anon joins me to discuss the ongoing dysfunction of the West, the 54th Clause of the Magna Carta, the woman question, history entangled with technology and the market, “do-something-ism” and much more. Covfefe Anon is a Twitter poster offering commentary from an NRx perspective.

Source: Covfefe Anon – The Woke Are More Correct Than The Mainstream

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