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The Worthy House: Young Men and Fire (Norman Maclean)

Back in 1949, everyone realized that having women wilderness firefighters is nearly as insane as allowing women anywhere near the military. It is obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that no woman can competently fight wildfires—among many reasons, it is extremely physically grueling, even in normal conditions, as Maclean makes clear. And when the physical requirements escalate to racing a fast-moving fire uphill, the insanity becomes even more obvious. Naturally, therefore, although much propaganda today is pushed about women wilderness firefighters, they remain rare—around ten percent of the total, it appears, and that’s probably padded with administrative positions. We can be certain the previously-required high physical standards have been relaxed or are nonexistent for them, just as in our military, or otherwise it would be zero percent. We can also be certain that they make the overall performance of firefighting worse, by hindering the men in their work.

Source: Young Men and Fire (Norman Maclean) • The Worthy House

Subversive Podcast w/Alex Kaschuta: Paul Kingsnorth – Is There A Retvrn From The Edge?

I speak to Paul about freedom under liberalism, his conversion to Romanian Orthodoxy, the possibility of a truly secular society, transhumanism, the English people and their right to self-determination, the hedonic treadmill, London as the new Babel, what is Hell, scientism and the race for the preservation of bare life under Covid, materialism, localism, AI, technocapital and more.

Paul Kingsnorth is an English writer and former environmental activist who lives in the west of Ireland. He is the former deputy editor of The Ecologist and the co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project. You can find his work on his website and his Substack, The Abbey of Misrule.

The Subversive Podcast w/Alex Kaschuta: Anna Khachiyan – Motherhood In The Current Year

I chat with Anna Khachiyan about motherhood and family. She recently became a mother and I was just about to give birth when this was recorded. You’ll also hear a bit of baby in the background, a bit of pregnancy brain in the host, and an all-around atmosphere of doomer optimism concerning having and raising babies.

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Curtis Yarvin: “Circling” and nerd society – “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

“The revenge of the nerds is the creation of new, reinvented social institutions for social failures—people like me, who had no friends in high school. The outsiders. The eternal dream of the nerd, who would not be a nerd had he not in some sense socially failed between 10 and 20, is not to succeed at being human—not to catch up to the default social world, to learn its secrets and be admitted to its citizenship, to rise in its conventional ranks—but to skip being human—and jump directly to some kind of para-human, trans-human, posthuman or just superhuman experience.”

Source: “Circling” and nerd society – by Curtis Yarvin – Gray Mirror