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Each post contains some example or observation that indicates an opening or weakness in the opposition.

The Weekly Dish w/Andrew Sullivan: Douglas Murray On Defending The West

Douglas Murray is a British writer and commentator, primarily for The Spectator, and his latest book is The War on the West. It’s a powerful narrative of the past couple of decades, in which a small minority waged ideological war on the underpinnings of Western civilization: reason, toleration, free speech, color-blind racial politics.

Source: Douglas Murray On Defending The West – by Andrew Sullivan

The End of Progressive Intellectual Life: How the Foundation-NGO complex quashed innovative thinking and open debate, first on the American right and now on the center-left

Thanks to the takeover of the American center-left by Progressivism, Inc., there is literally nothing for a progressive public intellectual to do. To be sure, there are plenty of other kinds of mental work that you can perform as a member of the rising generation of young progressives even in the absence of a functioning public intellectual sphere. You can keep your head down and doubts to yourself, as you work on the technocratic policy that appeals to you the most: raising the minimum wage or free school lunches, perhaps. Or you can write endless variants of the same screed denouncing Republicans and conservatives as rabid white nationalists threatening to create a fascist dictatorship right here in America. Or you can join mobs on Twitter and social media to take part in Two-Minute Hate campaigns against individuals or groups singled out for denunciation that day by Progressivism, Inc. Or you can try to obtain fame and bestseller-status and wealth and tenure by getting the attention of the MacArthur Prize committee and editors at The Atlantic by auditioning for the role of Designated Spokesperson for this or that “protected class” or minority identity group (non-binary Middle East or North African (MENA), for example, not low-income Scots-Irish Appalachian heterosexual Pentecostalist).

Source: The End of Progressive Intellectual Life – Tablet Magazine

The Lawfare Podcast: The Professionalization of Content Moderation

LOL The hall monitors have formed a guild

This week on Arbiters of Truth, our series on the online information ecosystem, Evelyn Douek spoke to Charlotte Willner, who has been working in content moderation longer than just about anyone. Charlotte is now the executive director of the Trust and Safety Professionals Association, an organization that brings together the professionals that write and enforce the rules for what’s fair game and what’s not on online platforms. Before that, she worked in Trust and Safety at Pinterest and before that she built the very first safety operations team at Facebook. Evelyn asked Charlotte what it was like trying to build a content moderation system from the ground up, what has changed since those early days (spoilers: it’s a lot!) and—of course—if she had any advice for Twitter’s new owner given all her experience helping keep platforms safe.

Source: The Lawfare Podcast: The Professionalization of Content Moderation – Lawfare

Making Sense w/Sam Harris Episode 281: Western Culture and Its Discontents

In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Douglas Murray about his new book, The War on the West. They discuss the problem of hyper partisanship on the Left and Right, the primacy of culture, Hunter Biden’s laptop, the de-platforming of Trump and Alex Jones, the new religion of anti-racism, the problem of inequality, the 1619 Project, history of slavery, moral panics, the strange case of Michel Foucault, and other topics.

Source: Sam Harris | #281 – Western Culture and Its Discontents

Astral Flight Simulation: Gio Panichietti “The War in Ukraine Did Not Take Place”

War propaganda in America is in full swing….yet America is not engaged in a war. Is this the run up to our next conflict, or is this pure propaganda and the disappearance of war? Because of our ever accelerating technology, the nature of warfare has changed over the last 50 years, and conflict as we know it is morphing into something totally different. By examining some of the ideas and observations of Paul Virilio, Jean Baudriallard, and Deleuze and Gattari, we may better understand the nature of “war” in the digital age, in which the spectacle becomes more real than the event: war disappears and propaganda replaces it. Soon we shall find out if America is using this media blitz as a pretense to enter the next global conflict, or if the future of American warfare will play out exclusively in the media.

Source: The War in Ukraine Did Not Take Place

The Good Fight Podcast w/Yascha Mounk: Jonathan Haidt on Why Public Discourse Has Become So Stupid

One of the world’s most influential social psychologists, a professor of ethical leadership at NYU’s Stern School of Business, and a member of Persuasion’s Board of Advisors, Jonathan Haidt is the author of The Righteous Mind and, with Greg Lukianoff, co-author of The Coddling of the American Mind. Haidt recently wrote a much-read feature in The Atlantic entitled “After Babel.” In this week’s conversation, Yascha Mounk and Jonathan Haidt discuss how we can make social media less toxic, what political and technological reforms might help fix the problem, and how we can empower the moderate majority to fight for its values.


Innuendo Studios: A Case Study in Digital Radicalism (UC Merced Talk)

“I accepted UC Merced’s offer to talk about GG in part because I felt there really wasn’t a good timeline of the movement on YouTube that isn’t made by a GGer. My own videos on the subject from back when it was still very much A Thing That Was Happening assumed a lot of familiarity from the audience. And the sources that actually laid out a timeline tended to be so comprehensive I couldn’t imagine someone new to the subject wading through it all. So, if someone ever asks you “what the hell was GamerGate?” you can tell them to watch the first 20 minutes of this video, and stick around for the rest if they feel like it.”