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The American Mind Episode 105: The Honkening featuring Peachy Keenan

This week, truckers in Ottowa took to the streets in protest of Trudeau’s newest vaccine mandates. Trudeau responded by promptly catching COVID himself, and accusing the truckers of every imaginable evil. Meanwhile, stateside, Whoopi Goldberg thinks Jews are just white, which got her suspended by ABC—should we care? Plus: Peachy Keenan joins the show throughout and answers your mailbag questions!

Outsider Theory Podcast: Plague and Myth with @fitnessfeelingz

@fitnessfeelingz posted a recent Twitter thread arguing that Covid is a modern myth. By this he means not that the pathogen SARS-COV-2 is not real, but that the existence of the pathogen does not account for its manifold social and political impacts. To make sense of these, we turn to René Girard’s understanding of myth as a social technology that binds societies together in response to a common enemy. We consider how Covid-19 has come to perform this function, and why its limited efficacy in this regard only spurs more ritualized responses to it.

Source: Outsider Theory: Plague and Myth with @fitnessfeelingz

Outsider Theory Podcast: Postmodern Medicine with Dr Benway and Pseud Dionysius, MPH

My pseudonymous native informants from the illustrious realms of Science make the provocative case that medicine has become a quintessentially postmodern field. They attribute this development to the rise of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) in the 1990s in Canada, which has occasioned (as its pioneers intended) a Kuhnian paradigm shift in the field. After surveying the spread and impact of the EBM revolution, we explore its after-effects in the Covid era.

Source: Outsider Theory: Postmodern Medicine with Dr Benway and Pseud Dionysius, MPH

The American Mind Podcast Episode 103: Vaximum Overdrive

At the World Economic Forum, led by International Supervillain Klaus Schwab, Moderna has announced its plans to get absolutely everyone vaccinated against everything (or else) with its new omni-jab. While the big pharma CEOs bathe in their piles of cash, Biden is trying, poorly, to brag about his supposed “accomplishments”–all while skirting foreign policy issues like Russia’s moves to annex Ukraine. Our editors have thoughts.

Source: The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #103 – The American Mind