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City Journal Ten Blocks Podcast: The Future of Education Reform in New York City

New Manhattan Institute adjunct fellows Kathleen Porter-Magee and Wai Wah Chin join Brian Anderson to discuss the New York City education system, the reforms the Eric Adams administration could make, and the continuing need for choice, pluralism, and merit.

Source: The Future of Education Reform in New York City: 10 Blocks podcast | City Journal

David P. Goldman: Beating China

So what do we need? We need an industrial policy. it’s going take about a trillion dollars and 10 years to rebuild our industrial base, after 20 years of the American elite shifting everything to software and destroying our skill base, our industrial communities, our manufacturing companies, and so forth. A trillion dollars—that’s not a lot of money. We’re going to need apprenticeship programs like the northern Europeans to take kids who might be wasting their time doing a gender studies major and teach them a trade where they’ll probably make three times as much money. German auto workers make twice as much as American auto workers, by way of example.

We need a defense Education Act like Eisenhower introduced after Sputnik, something that gives people scholarships for engineering and other things which beat National Defense requirements, as opposed to critical studies theory. We know all these things because we’ve done every single one of them. We only have to dust off the old ideas and get the band back together. And what I put to you is that the conservative movement needs a positive program, a set of solutions to galvanize the American people, capture their imagination as Kennedy did when he pointed to the moon, as Reagan did when he promised to defend the homeland against enemy ballistic missiles. We need a positive view, we need a can-do approach, and we need to found it on the proven track record of the United States of America in pioneering the future for the world.

Source: Beating China – The American Mind

Dishcast w/Andrew Sullivan: Christopher Rufo On CRT In Schools – The famed crusader dives deep into the issue with me. I found it hard to disagree with him.

Rufo is a key architect of the anti-CRT legislation being passed in state legislatures around the country. He is also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and his Twitter account is tirelessly flagging examples of CRT in the public school system, corporate America, and elsewhere. I’ve no doubt that some of this convo is going to stir up a fuss — but the truth is I’ve become more conflicted about this legislation as time has gone by. I once thought it was a terrible idea. I’m now not so sure, given the scale of the attempt to indoctrinate children in neo-Marxist understandings of race throughout public education.

Source: Christopher Rufo On CRT In Schools – The Weekly Dish

Wisdom of Crowds Podcast: Nice Woke Parents – Will rising crime and madness at schools end the woke movement?

Damir and Shadi return to a familiar topic, but this time with a twist. Damir manages to sound like an optimist. He argues that the fad of wokeness will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions, while Shadi thinks it’s probably too late. They also discuss whether justice is possible without God, the rather odd fact that Shadi’s first academic article was on feminist theory, why white parents seem nonplussed about schools indoctrinating their kids, and whether a rising crime wave will undermine the woke revolution.

Source: Nice Woke Parents

Manifold Episode 10: Ron Unz on the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, The Unz Review, and the Harvard Admissions Scandal

Ron Unz is the publisher of the Unz Review, a controversial, but widely read, alternative media site hosting opinion outside of the mainstream, including from both the far right and the far left. Unz studied theoretical physics at Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford. He founded the software company Wall Street Analytics, acquired by Moody’s in 2006, and was behind the 1998 ballot initiative that ended bilingual education in California.

Source: Ron Unz on the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, The Unz Review, and the Harvard Admissions Scandal – Episode #10 – Manifold

The American Mind Episode 113: Ok, Groomer

The Left isn’t trying to groom your six-year-old in school, you conspiracy theorist. On an unrelated note, Disney has created a task force to do exactly that as an end run around Florida’s explicit ban on discussing sex with kindergarteners. How can and should the Right respond? Meanwhile, California is seemingly trying to legalize killing newborns. The editors discuss whether to take a white or black pill as the culture war accelerates apace.

Source: The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #113 – The American Mind

Wisdom of Crowds Episode 81: The New War Over Free Speech with Greg Lukianoff

It used to be called “political correctness.” It had its heyday in the 1990s, then it went underground. While we weren’t paying attention, an entire architecture of speech restrictions was being built on campuses across the country. Greg Lukianoff, CEO of FIRE and co-author of the bestselling The Coddling of the American Mind, joins us to discuss what he calls the “second great age of political correctness.” When people say cancel culture isn’t real, are they arguing in good faith? One part of the story is the lack of diversity in American universities—in disciplines like anthropology, the ratio of liberal to conservative professors is 42 to 1. If we care so much about diversity, why don’t we seem to care viewpoint diversity?

Source: Wisdom of Crowds: Episode 81: The New War Over Free Speech, with Greg Lukianoff