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The Lawfare Podcast: Universal Jurisdiction Cases

Last month, a court in Germany convicted a senior Assad government official for a crime against humanity and sentenced him to life in prison for activities overseeing detention centers in Syria, where the government interrogated and tortured suspected antigovernment activists. The case was unique, not just for the profile of the defendant, but for the fact that the crime had no nexus to Germany. Instead, it’s an example of what scholars call a universal jurisdiction case. In these cases, a country like Germany exercises criminal jurisdiction over certain crimes like war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. A collection of European countries, as well as Argentina, have incorporated provisions like this into their criminal code, and universal jurisdiction cases have served to bring justice for offenses committed in a range of conflicts across the world. To talk through the most recent developments and the phenomenon of universal jurisdiction cases, Jacob Schulz sat down with Hayley Evans, a research fellow working on Afghanistan projects at the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and Rule of Law.

Source: The Lawfare Podcast: Universal Jurisdiction Cases – Lawfare

The Lawfare Podcast: Paul Massaro on the United States’ Latest Efforts to Combat Corruption

On June 3, President Biden issued a national security memorandum that established the “Fight Against Corruption” as a core national security interest for the United States. The memo described the staggering costs of corruption, with it being “estimated that acts of corruption sap between 2 and 5 percent from global gross domestic product.” The memo also directed U.S. officials to develop a comprehensive presidential strategy focused on anti-corruption. Alvaro Marañon sat down with Paul Massaro, the senior policy advisor for counter-kleptocracy at the Helsinki Commission, to speak about the United States government’s latest anti-corruption efforts following the June memo. They discussed the latest developments in the efforts to combat corruption, details around the first-ever presidential strategy on anti-corruption and the kinds of messages these unified efforts send to other authoritarian regimes beyond Russia.

Source: The Lawfare Podcast: Paul Massaro on the United States’ Latest Efforts to Combat Corruption – Lawfare

C-Span Afterwords: “25 Lies – Exposing Democrats’ Most Dangerous, Seductive, Damnable, Destructive Lies and How to Refute Them” w/Vince Ellison

Vince Ellison argued Democratic Party leaders and their progressive policies are purposely misleading the American public and destroying the country. He was interviewed by syndicated columnist and television host Armstrong Williams.

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Anarcho-Tyranny in 2022 — @im_1776

Over the last few years we’ve witnessed race-obsessed discourse, rationalized mob violence, endless rioting, calls for “defunding the police,” government-enabled criminality, the innocents criminalized, and other bewildering developments. One is tempted to blame it all on collective psychosis or a sort of social pathology that defies internal logic and fundamental order.

Source: Anarcho-Tyranny in 2022 — @im_1776