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Sometimes its best that an opponent hears your view from coming from someone who they believe is on their own side. This is how “Overton” windows may be moved.

*The Weeds podcast: MS-13, explained. (This is how Democrats will lose 2018 and 2020)

Don’t worry. Matt Yglesias, Dara Lind and Zack Beauchamp said that MS-13 isn’t so bad. It’s just a minor local news item. They just do street level human trafficking and extorting of other Salvadorians; it’s not like they’re Al Qaida plotting against the US. It’s all good.

In These Times: Wall Street Isn’t the Answer to the Pension Crisis. Expanding Social Security Is. Doug Henwood and Liza Featherstone

“Public employees’ pension funds thus fund the destruction of not only the livelihoods of private sector workers, but their own unions, which are, of course, the reason public employees enjoy any benefits at all.”