This is Hell! Podcast: Rich nations are building national border walls around the global climate crisis / Nick Buxton

The next narrative of the Open Borders cabal

“It’s really important to understand that behind this is not just the national security apparatus that is always looking for threats – there’s also a powerful industry that has made huge amounts of money in the last two decades, and is now using climate change to argue for more military and border spending. Quite a few of the big military and border firms have a lot of influence in the corridors of power, they are lobbying constantly for increased spending on borders. Many of these same border firms also provide services to the fossil fuel industry.”

Quote: “How do you get people to no longer support the idea of secure borders because from our conversation, it sounds like secure borders is kind of just a racist dog whistle. So does the public clearly understand what border security means? As you know, one story of a migrant committing a crime, especially a violent sensational crime can undo the victimization of millions, if not 10s of millions. How can this narrative of migrant fleeing climate change being more a threat than a victim when it takes one it takes only one sensational act to reinforce those fears? How can that idea of migrants as threat be overcome?”

Source: This Is Hell! | Rich nations are building national border walls around the global climate crisis.

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