KunstlerCast 313 – Chatting with Brent Bednarik about Social Justice in the Corporate Workplace



5 thoughts on “KunstlerCast 313 – Chatting with Brent Bednarik about Social Justice in the Corporate Workplace”

  1. This group has which can be summarized as the wish to transcend nature especially human nature and transform human nature into something that it hasn’t been and and that does account for you know this preoccupation with sexual immorality and the destruction of boundaries. I completely agree you can even take it to a more not normal but let’s say the majority just this cultural fractions that are splitting between the masculine the feminine males and females. It’s getting to a point where you don’t know what you can say and what you can’t because, like you said, they’re looking at human behavior and wishing it wasn’t so in pretending like it’s not but there’s 5000 years of recorded history, psychology, philosophy that points that there are very deep hardwired things, biological things that are in our brain and they are riling against that and now if you even say something like that you can be held responsible and risk are pretty severe nowadays oh yeah reputational damage, damage to livelihood and vocation we know about this. Let’s get a little bit metaphysical and go back to the origins of this. We’re living in an industrial society, which has come as a great shock to the human race. You know, it starts in the late 18th century and really gets rolling in the 19th century. And it’s this massive of social and everyday life changes, that’s really overwhelming people. And out of that comes Marxism and out of Marxism, eventually comes this thing called Cultural Marxism where they’re not just trying to change the economic relations between people but they’re trying to change the social relations pretty radically and we’re talking about.


  2. But I wonder how much of what we’re seeing has to do with women taking over positions of power in the department in the humanities departments in all the Universities. And then of course, the question arises, you know, what sort of woman is that? Is it a an angry, childless woman? Because we seem to be seeing an awful lot of just anger coming out of that, you know, and this is where this becomes a hot potato were no one really wants. I know it’s terrible. It’s a terrible subject. But there you go, yeah, especially as a male, you know, the first thing you’ll get shouted down as well. You’re not a female. So you have no idea what this experience is. And I got to say, Yeah, I agree. I will never be a female. I will never know what it’s like, not the bear children or to bear children. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have thoughts on it. And I can’t view what’s going on and have a critical lens. I go back to this thing where I view the human as a computer, you have hardware and you have software, the hardware i think is imprinted on us. It’s in the back of our brain.


  3. People who are angry about that, and they’re doubling down and they’re blaming a lot of the masculine traits on it. And I’m not sure where that’s going to lead. Yeah, I think there’s a great deal of the discussion that you’ve been bringing to the corporate world in the talks that you’ve been giving, that we really don’t know where we’re going with this. And we don’t know what the consequences are. It’s really a fairly new phenomenon. And it’s beginning to collide with a lot of hardwired behavior. I’m not convinced that it’s a permanent installation of the human condition. I think that we may be slipping out of that. As you may know, I’ve been writing about economic collapse for about 20 years. And I think we are entering a reset for the economy, which is necessarily going to be a reset for relations between men and women. So to me, it’s one of the strange elements of this is the idea that we assume that these are permanent changes in human relations. Well, I think there’s already studies showing that there are a lot of women right now who already forsaking the entry into the business world. They don’t see the women who are before them, enjoying it, or being emotional, stable, or a lot of different things. And they are choosing to stay home and maybe not stay home but in a different type of career path. I agree with you. I think there is going to be a mass shake up of how we do things both with men and women and across the board but I also subscribe to chaos theory in and complexity theory where I think there’s going to be some economic reasons why this all happens. But it’s so complex and so many different different areas that I don’t think you can can be singled out. I think there’s going to be mental health issues that people are going to come to make.


  4. I believe that the individual that concept is completely under attack. Right now. We’re in this identity politics world where you are not an individual, you are part of a group and if you try to speak as an individual That is a recipe for disaster. The risk is just too much for a lot of people right now. Yeah. And I think the reason for that, and I’ve said this before on the podcast and in the blog, that at the heart of this phenomenon is the wish to apply coercion and the pleasure that is taken in coercion and the brownie points that are received for doing that from pushing other people around and telling them what to do, and what to think, which one might expect in a culture where we’re power is the only thing that is understood to govern human relations. I don’t know if I’d go that far to think it’s just us. I think power is fun. And I think it’s addicting.

    And I think that anytime a group who didn’t have power finds themselves with a lot of it, it can just go to their head and I think that’s probably what’s happening right now.You know, I was using this as an example the other day 20 years ago before the internet before social media. If we looked at a typical bully scenario, it was probably let’s just use a stereotypical jock. So someone who’s physically bigger than they were bullying someone smaller. well as social media that is probably switch, you know, the nerd who was getting bullied before and now has access to these complicated and difficult to use mediums. And this is where they can express their power and they’ve grabbed onto it, and they’ve done a very good job of it.

    So I think it’s just a human function of once you do have that taste of power. Once you have that access, you’re going to use it and we don’t have a great track record of it being used for positive aspects, and I think we’re seeing that again. Now. Yeah, along the same lines. Jason Horsley mentions the British cultural anthropologist Victor Turner, who he died in the 1980s I believe, but he wrote quite a bit about this and he refers to the fall ceremony masters and the politicians, pundits, sockets and snake oil salesmen who fill the void in this liminal social condition, and political condition, and offer ways at a liminal state to relieve the disorientation and helplessness of it

    You have the average person, if it’s new, shiny, if it gets an emotional response, they’ll do it. And you just keep on doing it until it plays out. Well, Turner makes the further point that these problems are actually not social, their their psychological. And so they really don’t lend themselves to social solutions or legislation or changing of the rules necessarily.Oh, I could see that. I mean, absolutely. How would you even govern some of these things there so complex and have second, third fourth order of events to on it is more of a psychological issue for us all that we’re facing. And that’s where I go back to this is a consciousness shift within Western societies that is happening. In fact, I believe it’s already happened. I believe that this stuff is going to be our new normal and we need to start acting accordingly for the foreseeable future. Well, we’re already seeing it, but we’re also already seeing some negative contract.cleanses of this which is the well publicized trend in business for men to want to avoid contact with fellow female employees or to hire females to work in the corporate setting. I mean, that’s that’s already happening. I mean, why take the risk especially if you have a small business why hire someone who’s going to turn around and sue you for some you know, made up sexual fantasy idea?


  5. Well, this is where I take it a step further I hear what you’re saying and I don’t disagree that there are instances where that happens and we could also agree that that will never happen with some people and but it is a risk right yeah where I see the big problem is just the tactic itself let’s say you have a white sis heterosexual male who is a business undergrad in gets hired at my alma mater you why Now he’s there. He’s been working for the last six months. And he’s not been doing a very good job, he’s in trouble. He’s got a couple of dings on his reviews. And now he’s looking at getting fired, he can easily employ the tactics that he saw at university for the last four years.

    So your point, if I’m a business owner, I’m not wanting to take the risk of hiring someone who I think it’d be a problem. But now with what’s going on almost any employee is a risk just because of the tactics they’ve learned from the left because of how effective they are. Those are the problems that I think businesses are going to face even more. So then kind of what we’re going through now with individual bad actors. There’s a wonderful passage in Turner’s work that seems to explain a lot about the behavior on campus at least and also in the greater culture now, and he says,

    At certain culturally defined points The historical seasonal cycle groups or categories of persons who habitually occupy low status positions in the social structure are positively and joined to exercise ritual authority over their superiors. And they, in their turn, must accept with goodwill, their ritual degradation now isn’t exactly the scenario that we’ve seen play out at places like evergreen College in Washington State and at Yale University in many instances. But probably most vividly, in the instance, where Christina Christakis sent out an email saying that Yale undergraduate should be old enough to decide on their own Halloween costumes. And she was pummeled for it and her husband was pummeled for it and they they had, you know, terrible job problems and, you know, resigned at least for a while from teaching. But anyway, this idea of ritual authority, you know We’re seeing exactly that. I think with, you know, the role reversals of minority people now wishing to persecute and prosecute and punish the non minorities and the non minorities, you know, bending over and taking it. I see that everywhere. So, yes, I completely agree with that. How does that how does that play out? The big word right now that they’ll use is power and privilege. I think what that is, is just a play to get sympathy and to win people over I think, use the correct word at the very beginning. And then status at not having status in this world is an awful thing you feel marginalized,


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