Obituary detailing opioid addiction goes viral, police chief responds — Quartz


One thought on “Obituary detailing opioid addiction goes viral, police chief responds — Quartz”

  1. Support and propagate needle exchanges—done in Burlington, Vermont (BTV)

    Give out buprenorphine at needle exchanges to basically any user who requests it (BTV is doing it)

    Give out buprenorphine at the emergency room to anyone who presents with an addiction and requests it (BTV doing it)

    Treat every prisoner who needs it with buprenorphine, methadone, or vivitrol as best fits them (Vermont is at least trying)

    Stop arresting and prosecuting for simple misdemeanor-level possession of non-prescribed addiction treatment meds (our city’s police and prosecutor policy)

    Stop requiring total abstinence in recovery housing by allowing people stabilized on addiction treatment meds to live in them (not even close)

    Equip users with the tools to test their drugs for fentanyl (Vermont is doing it)

    Create enough capacity to eliminate wait lists at treatment hubs (almost there in Vermont)

    Train primary care doctors to treat addiction and prescribe addiction meds (making progress in Vermont)

    Return the opioid prescribing rate to pre-epidemic levels (on the way in Vermont)

    Recognize addiction as a chronic disease and that abstinence-based therapy only works a small percent of the time, for certain people (old stigmas die hard)

    Saturate communities with naloxone (done in Vermont)


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