C-Span Afterwords: The Infiltration of Corporate Money into American Politics with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Feb 21 2017 | C-SPAN.org


“They don’t even have to spend money, they just call your campaign manager and threaten to spend money on your opponent unless you vote a certain way.”

“Groups like Donors Trust engage in Identity Laundering. Exxon can donate to Donors Trust who then fund the George Marshall Institute. Labor unions and other lobbies are out in the open about who they are. If a think tank is funded by a so-called charity, you don’t know who’s behind it.”

“Special interests fan out across the country looking for litigation for an opportunity to climb the ladder to the Supreme Court. If the case looks promising, they’ll try to hire the litigant in return for free lawyering. Then these front groups will release amicus briefs instructing the judges of the same party what the important policy points are.”



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