Security at the Warriors’ NBA championship parade tomorrow can detect rogue drones – Recode

“Dedrone’s sensors are installed along the parade route. And while the system isn’t designed to take a rogue drone down, it does the hard work of detecting where the small flying robot is, so security on ground can choose to jam its signal, intercept it or investigate whether or not the drone is a threat. The system can also detect if the drone is capable of carrying a potentially hazardous payload.’

1. How can the authorities “jam or intercept” the drone? DJI’s signal is supposed to be secured by a frequency hopping scheme.

2. If authorized drones are permitted, what beacon/transponder system do they use to broadcast their presence to the authorities?

3. Can the authorities hijack a signal or commandeer a suspect drone?

4. How can the authorities locate an unauthorized operator? Do they have a radio-direction finding capability? Is there GPS data embedded in the control signal?


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